Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The American College of Cardiology has reported a number of things women can do to lower their rates of heart disease. Dr. Richard Pasternak has said "there is compelling evidence from studies and clinical trials that coronary heart disease is largely preventable".

So here are a number of areas for you to pay attention to: 

  1.  Women who don't smoke lower their risk by two to four times 
  2. Physically active women have a 60 to 75% lower risk. (Just 3 ten-minute sessions per day of moderately intense exercises like walking).
  3. Reducing high levels of stress and depression lower risk
  4. Keeping blood pressure under 140/90 is extremely important
  5. Women with total cholesterol and triglycerides under 200 are less susceptible to disease. (You want your LDL reading to be 160 and your HDL reading to be 45.


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