Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stopping Your Food Cravings with Spice..

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that the culinary spice saffron may stop your food cravings. Saffron raises serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boost mood, influences hunger and helps put the brakes on food cravings.

In the study they conducted, mildly overweight women, ages 25-45, were divided into two groups. Half took one 90 mg capsule of a standardized saffron extract with breakfast and a second capsule with dinner. The other group was given placebo pills. For eight weeks neither group made diet changes, but they were asked to record all food eaten outside of mealtimes.

The saffron pill popping women lost 2.1 pounds and they reported snacking half as often as before and feeling less hungry between meals.

Keep in mind that it takes up to four weeks to see results. So…happy saffroning!

(Reported Whitaker Newsletter Vol. 21, No. 9)

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