Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Health Benefits Of Prayer

prayerhealthThere has now been hundreds and hundreds of studies validating the power of prayer. Here’s a summary of what a half a dozen of them have found:

1. People who prayer for the well-being of a close friend daily for four weeks were more willing to forgive the friend and even others verses people who just thought positive thoughts about their friend.

2. Prayer affects the regions of the brain that improve self-control allowing people who view their goals as sacred to put more effort and energy into attaining their goals.

3. Praying in an online support group helped breast cancer patients experience less stress, have lower levels of negative emotions and experience a greater sense of well-being.

4. People who undergo heart surgery who pray with a positive hopeful attitude experienced less depression and anxiety after the surgery. They also had fewer complications and shorter hospital stays.

5. People recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse who were the most religious were 34% less likely to need readmission for further treatment.

6. Patients who had advanced cancer who had a religious belief in having a positive outlook dramatically improved the quality of their life.

So…get your own group together and start praying positively for yourself, for each other, and for others.
(Reported The Mind Health Report,

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