Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NEW: Now You Can Become a Certified Brain-Gym Instructor From the Comfort of Your Home Anywhere in the World

You can now get certified to teach the Brain Gym® International approved Switched-On Selling, Switched-On Management and Switched-On Network Marketing seminars via long distance.
That’s right, you can get certified from the comfort of your own home.
Let me tell you the steps in the process. There are two categories of persons that these steps apply to – one is Currently Certified Brain Gym 101 Instructors, and the other is people who are not Brain Gym Instructors who want to teach any or all of these seminars.
Steps for Brain Gym 101 Instructors
1. Contact me if you are interested in being certified and for which seminars. Call me at 757-496-8008 or email me at Jerry@Teplitz.com.
2. We will either mail you a video of the course for you to watch or you can stream the videos to your computer, your choice.
3. We will either mail or email you the Instructor’s Manual which contains the participant manual, a full script of the seminar and marketing materials.
4. After you have reviewed the videos and the script and are comfortable with the materials, we will arrange a several hour phone call (on a Skype call if you are in Canada or international) where we will discuss teaching, marketing and other details.
5. You will need to do an audio recording of your teaching a portion of a live seminar to complete certification process.
6. The fee is currently the same for taking this live training or the long distance version which is $675.

Steps for Non Brain Gym Persons wanting to be certified

1. Steps 1 to 6 above apply
2. You must also do a video of your doing the Brain Gym Movements for me to review
3. You have to take a Brain Gym 101 Class as part of your Certification
Depending on the demand for long distance training, the fees may be going up, so contact me today to answer any questions you may have!

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