Thursday, October 11, 2012

There’s A Power In Our Poop That You Haven’t Known About


We attempt to get rid of it when we go to the bathroom and we flush it down the toilet. Well, it’s turning out that there is a power in our feces that we haven’t been aware of. Now, what I’m going to share with you will sound a little gross, but it’s looking like this approach is very effective.

What I’m talking about using stool from a healthy person and placing into the colon of a person who has colitis. Doing this seems to be able to cure nine out of ten cases of potentially deadly chronic colitis. What is taking place is that the healthy person’s bacteria is transplanted into the person’s ailing gut. The newly introduced healthy bacteria multiplies and kill of the bad bacteria and fungus.  A study was recently conducted that reviewed the results of 317 patients treated by 27 different research groups with this method and the researchers found a 92% cure rate from using poop therapy.

One Australian pioneer in fecal transplants, Thomas Brody, has performed the procedure in more than 1900 patients. He has also found success in treating irritable bowel syndrome, profound constipation and even Crohn’s disease. So…while it may sound gross, it’s got the potential to really heal.

(Reported Discover October 2012)

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