Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why It’s Important To Keep Wolves In The Wild

WolfInWildHowlAs you may know, wolves get a bad rap. A number of Western states want to open up hunting and would like nothing better than to kill them all.

Well, it turns out that wolves have many important functions in maintaining the environment. First, they either kill or scare off coyotes. Coyotes have greatly expanded their range so that they are causing other species to be lost or negatively impacted.

Second, wolves help keep deer and elk populations in check, allowing the recovery of trees, shrubs and streams that are negatively affected by over population. This recovery benefits many other plant and wildlife species.

Today, there are groups like the Defenders of Wildlife that have developed very effective strategies to keep cattle and sheep safe from wolf predation.

So…maybe the people who are against wolves need to take another look at having wolves in the wild. For information about the assault on wolves, you can check out their website:

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