Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good News, Money Is Not The Cause Of Divorce. Oops, It’s Selfishness

divorceA study done in 1948 found ago a link between money and divorce.

The leading reason for women to divorce was “nonsupport”, which meant that the husbands didn’t provide enough money for the daily essentials of life.

Today things are different. More women are in the workforce and depend less on men for support.

While money is still a problem as a study of married couples from 1980 to 1992 found that 70% reported some kind of money problems. However, when they analyzed the statistics further, they found that selfishness was the root cause.

By selfishness, it’s where one spouse begins to think that their needs and wants should come first. The strongest marriages are when each partner puts the other first. So…in your relationships, who’s first and who’s second?

(Blog by Ethan Kap)

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