Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amazing Facts About Our Ocean

Antarctic-OceanScientists have recently discovered a new deep-ocean current starting in Antarctica and flowing north which carries oxygenated water into the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Here’s the amazing part. This flow is 3.2 billion gallons per second. This is the equivalent of 40 Amazon Rivers.

Even more amazing is the amount of water flowing in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current–34.3 billion gallons per second! The things were don’t know about our world are simply astounding.

In addition, take a guess as to how many bacterial cells are in a cubic centimeter of ocean water. How about 1 million? These vast numbers of cells produce half of the oxygen in our atmosphere.

Collectively, these bacteria cells weigh more than 240 billion African elephants. And we view ourselves as the top species on the planet!

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