Friday, March 25, 2011

Feedback From Readers on The Teplitz Report

feedback1Like these folks, if you appreciate the information you receive, I’d appreciate it if you’d ask your network of friends to sign up for it.

Newsletter by Email – The Teplitz Report

Also, I will soon be posting a place just for comments, suggestions and feedback for folks to comment quickly at any time.  I’m looking forward to it!

"Thanks so much for sending me your fantastic newsletters. I can't tell you how many wonderful and useful ideas I have learned and used from them."
BJ Stober
Georgia, USA

"Your articles are not only informative but useful to pass along to many of my high school students in my Career and Life Management class. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and positive messages. You make a difference."
Dorothea Cooney

Somehow one of my monthly Teplitz Report readers received an erroneously sent email message from us confirming that he had asked to be deleted from the list. It was fun and gratifying for me to read his response. He wrote “I never sent a message asking to be deleted. I LOVE YOUR E-ZINE.  It is one of just a few I read absolutely every month! You are one of my deepest inspirations…I would be greatly upset to be removed from your wonderful publication.”

Thanks, BJ, Dorothea and Bart. It’s feedback like yours that inspires me to continue doing these monthly reports!

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