Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Brain Might Not Be Necessary..

brain In his Schwartz Report Stephan Schwartz tells the story of a young woman who was a cheerleader, an honor student and about to go to Brown University when she was in a terrible car accident.

When the doctors opened her skull to relieve pressure, they were stunned to discover that instead of a brain, the cavity contained only a sack of fluid.

Dr. John Lorber, a neurology professor at the University of Sheffield, reported performing a CAT-scan that showed no brain in the skull of an academically bright student with a high IQ.

Instead Lorber found a small piece of brain tissue covering the top of his spinal column.

This is not unusual according to Lorber, who identified several hundred people who appeared normal but had very small brains.

Even the medical journal The Lancet has published an MRI of a 44-year-old man with very little brain tissue.

So…all of this raises a number of interesting questions, the most prominent being “Do I need my brain and what does it do anyway?”

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