Thursday, March 25, 2010


by Keith Wilhelm

quotes3 Yes. Stress is contagious. Just ask my wife.

What it would be like to come home every day to a grumpy spouse. I used to do this to my spouse. Then I began to notice that she was beginning to become grumpy also. My stress was beginning to affect her. She had finally caught my contagions stress. She was now a grumpy woman.

I am proud to say that if you learn to be stress hardy you can have a much better life. We did and because of it we have now been married for over thirty happy years. We have learned how to deal with our stress together and individually.

Stress can be caught from anyone unless you become stress hardy. This is the process of building yourself up to resist the negative effects of a stressed out person.

You too can learn to deal with your stress and enjoy a happier life because of it.



Here are some tips for developing stress hardiness.

Ten Steps For Stress Hardiness.

Know that stress hardiness begins with you. Learn to deal with your stress problems and you will be much happier. The happier you are, the harder it is for someone else to cause you stress.

2. Take care of yourself physically. Try this test. Stay up late for a few days and work overtime everyday. Now notice how tired you are, and how hard it is to deal with trouble. What you eat is also very important. A great comparison is putting bad fuel in your fancy vehicle. If you do this it will let you down, run bad and die. Like wise, if you put bad food in your system, your body will give you poor performance and eventually you will die.

3. Counting your blessings. Most of you have heard this before. Well, that is because it works. Begin and end your day by being thankful for what you have and your days will be blessed with feelings of gratefulness.

4. Plan your day. This great little secret will save you enough time in your day to do the important things you need to do for yourself. A plan will help keep you focused and going in the right direction. Don¡¯t forget to plan out of your day things you don¡¯t need to do or can be done by someone else.

5. Start your day off with some peppy, bubbly music. First thing in the morning I like to listen to music that peps me up and gets me going. It¡¯s better than coffee and the only side effects are the bubbly feelings inside. You might find yourself dancing on your way to work.

6. Get involved with helping others. This is the best way to get your mind off your problems. This tip makes you a real blessing to others because we are our brothers¡¯ keepers.

7. Sometimes life deals out a situation that we won¡¯t know how to deal with. Get help from someone before it gets out of hand.

8. Build someone up everyday. Tell them they are great. Say hi and smile to everyone you meet. Spread as many blessings as you can. The reward is unbelievable.

9. Do something for yourself. Start a hobby. I took up drumming and meet some wonderful people in the process. On drumming nights I sleep like a baby and feel great the next day.

10. Always remember that you are a wonderful person. You, like all people, deserve to be loved and respected.”

KeithKWilhelm Author's Bio
Keith K Wilhelm is the Founder of and author of an E-book titled "5 Steps to a Stress Free Life."Keith is in the final steps of finishing his new E-book titled "Now What Do I Do With My Life." He speaks on "Stress" and "Discovering Your Dreams." Keith has taught relationship workshops from 1998 through 2000. He has been researching stress, relationships and personal development since 1995. Programs studied include John Gray's "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" and "Personal Success", Anthony Robbins "Personal Power", Jerry V. Teplitz "Switched On Living" and many many more.

Keith-NowWhat Keith’s Latest Book, now at Amazon, “Now What Do I Do With My Life” – Insight into the Future brings Power to the Present.

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