Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Surprising Truth About Attitudes In The Workplace

A recently released large-scale study of workplace attitudes reveals that minority employees are just as engaged at work as their white colleagues. These results came from a study done by Sirota Survey Intelligence reviewing over 800,000 employee responses in 40 companies over the last five years.

Both white and minority managers had an 80% and 81% rating, respectively, on a favorable view of employee engagement at work. Regular employees rated themselves favorably with whites scoring 76% and minorities scoring 79%.

On fairness, African-American managers perceive that there is less fairness and development opportunities in their workplace with 61% rating the environment favorable versus 75% for whites. Hispanics reported at 74% and Asians at 68%.

Among regular employees the numbers were even lower, with only 59% of African-Americans rating the workplace favorable on fairness versus 66% for whites.

Finally, Hispanic managers and employees were the most engaged with a rating of 83% and 89%, respectively.

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