Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brighten Your Life...



The weather is starting to change so it’s time again to start thinking about full-spectrum fluorescent lighting for your indoor health.

If you have been receiving this monthly newsletter or attended my seminar, you’ll remember my talking about how full-spectrum lighting reduces headaches, eliminates fatigue and increases productivity.

Besides changing the lighting in the office, you can now change the lights in your home.

You can also save on your electric bill by switching from light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights. We now have these sizes available:

  • 15 watt CFL = 60 watt light bulb

  • 25 watt CFL = 75 watt light bulb

  • 30 watt CFL = 100 watt light bulb

We even have a 3-way 30 watt CFL available.

Special offer to subscribers of the Teplitz Report: Order your CFLs by October 20 and receive a 15% savings off the regular price. Click here to find out more.

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