Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Needle Biopsies Of Breasts May Spread Cancer Cells


Needle biopsies are used in the diagnosis of breast cancer. However, according to Dr. Julian Whitaker, the safety or efficacy of needle biopsy has never been scientifically confirmed. To conduct a needle biopsy, the physician must pierce the encapsulated tumor in order to obtain samples for testing.

In a study conducted by the John Wayne Cancer Institute, researchers found that women who had undergone a needle biopsy were 50% more likely to have the cancer from their breast tumor spread to the lymph node adjacent to the tumor. The researchers stated that the probable cause of the metastasis was “the mechanical disruption of the tumor by the needle.”

So…there are safer, non-invasive alternatives to needle biopsy. One alternative is Thermography. This uses digital imaging to measure temperature variations in the body. This sensitive screening tool can often detect tumors earlier than other diagnostic tests. You can also use CT scans, MRIs, PET scans and ultrasound. For more information on needle biopsy, visit

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