Monday, March 31, 2008

Living To 150, Even Barbara Walters Is OnBoard

There is a seminar that I’ve been doing for a long time called Staying Younger Longer. One of the premises is that we can live to be 150 years old healthfully. Well, Barbara Walters is now joining in. Her latest TV Special is called “How to Live to 150.”

Even if you don’t believe it’s possible to live that long, just think of it as an idea. By this I mean, if you’re going to live to 150, you don’t retire at 65 when you have 85 years to go; you don’t stop exercising at 55 when you have 95 years to go; and you don’t hesitate to change careers at 45 when you have 105 to go.

So go ahead and just experience the power of this idea. Remember even if it doesn’t turn out to be true for you, what have you lost?


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