Monday, March 31, 2008

Cell Phones: The Problem May Be More Than Just the Radiation

Cell Phones: The Problem May Be More Than Just the Radiation

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola and researchers the problems that are appearing with cell phone is not just from the radiation coming off of them. The issue is much deeper. It seems that cell phones, base stations and WiFi all emit what are called information carrying radio waves. According to Dr. Mercola, these radio waves vibrate at the same frequency as many of our cells receptor sites. Interfering with the cells receptors can confuse the receptors and lead to physical and psychological consequences, such as, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, neurological decline and even cancers.

The BBC News reported on a study where people exposed to the equivalent amount of radiation from a cell phone before bed had more insomnia, headaches and less deep and refreshing sleep than a control group that received a “sham” exposure to this form of radiation.

In another situation, an AT&T repair person was working for two hours on a cellular phone base station where someone had forgotten to turn it off. Shortly after getting home, the man began to experience intense physical problems. His pain was so severe that he eventually won a 100% disability from Workmen’s Compensation.

So…here are some of Dr. Mercola’s recommendations:

1. Keep kids exposures to a minimum.

2. Stay away from WIFI routers at home or at work

3. If you have a portable phone at home, make sure you only use one that registers 900 MHz.

4. Limit your use of a cell phone in a car or airplane as the enclosed space causes these information carrying radio waves to intensify in their impact.

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