Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Going Green In Buildings Helps Kids In School

The concept of ‘going green’ in schools relates to both the design and the construction materials used in constructing or remodeling buildings to reduce or eliminate negative environmental effects inside the school building and on the occupants (NY State goes further and also requires the use of environmentally safe cleaning products). A study published by Turner Construction Company found that there are significant educational benefits for the students that result from making these positive changes. Two of the major areas of improvement were in better indoor air quality and in increased in natural lighting.

Some of the changes reported by ‘green’ schools are as follows:

  • 74% said it was easier to attract and retain teachers
  • 72% said that student absenteeism was reduced
  • 71% said that student’s improved their performance

So…while the initial cost for all these changes is more, the long term benefits and energy savings over the life of the school makes these initial costs insignificant. Green anyone? For more information on ‘going green’ in your kid’s school district, visit www.nesea.org

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