Thursday, August 16, 2007


A little wine may do more than we thought. New research seems to indicate that the key benefit may be coming from the ethanol. It can raise HDL cholesterol levels (which is the good kind). Now it may reduce complications for diabetics by improving the cells' ability to respond to insulin.

How about weight loss? The Nurses' Health Study found that non-drinkers were twice as likely to be obese as moderate drinkers were. This result may not apply to men.

How about Alzheimer's? An 18-year study found those who drank one alcoholic beverage per day were 40 percent less likely to have poor scores on tests of cognitive function. However, those having more than four drinks a day were 29% more likely to show mental deficits.

How about Osteoporosis? A study of 3,200 postmenopausal women found those who drank a drink a day kept three times more bone mass than non-drinkers.

So what does all this mean? A drink a day may be a very good idea for many reasons.

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