Thursday, April 12, 2007


Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum of the Department of Immunology at Drew University in Los Angeles has developed a substance called MGN-3.

He has excellent research data showing it to be an extremely powerful immune system booster.  It actually combines an extract from the outer shell of rice bran with an extract from Shiitake mushrooms.

What MGN-3 does is boost the power of natural killer white blood cells. Each of these cells contains several small granules in it.  Once the cell identifies a cancer cell, it attaches itself to the cancer cell wall and injects the granules inside the cancer cell.  The granules then "explode" and destroy the cancer cell in five minutes.

You want your natural killer cells to be as active as possible.  Your doctor can actually give you a blood test to determine activity.
What the MGN-3 does is increase the number of "explosive" granules in natural killer cells.  It increases the activity as much as 30%.  MGN-3 also increases the activity of other immune cells, such as T-cells (by 200%) and Bulls (by 250%).  

MGN-3 is also totally non-toxic.

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