Saturday, March 20, 2021

Alzheimer’s Disease May Not Be Happening in Your Head

As we age, there’s a concern most of us have and that’s a fear of your getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I got to personally experience that with my Mom and with several relatives. To say it’s not a pretty sight is an understatement.

Some new research is looking at this from a different angle and that is literally from down in your gut. The brain plaques, which collect in the brain, may actually be being triggered from bacteria in your gut.

The researchers scanned the brains of 89 people between 66 and 85 years old. Some of the volunteers were still mentally sharp and some had dementia or Alzheimer’s. They also measured inflammatory markers and proteins coming from their gut bacteria.

They discovered that those volunteers with the most brain plaques had the highest levels of inflammation as well as bacterial proteins in their bodies which originated in their guts.

One of the researchers was so confident in their results that she said that the results are indisputable!

One of the things you can do the help yourself is to avoid, as much as possible, taking antibiotic drugs because the drugs kill all the bacteria in your system which then allows the bad bacteria to flourish in your gut.

To combat the bad bacteria, you need to feed your gut health organic foods as much as you can and eat yogurt with live bacteria in it. You can also eat other fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kefir. Finally, taking a probiotic supplement that lists a diversity of bacteria on the label is a good way to protect and feed your gut’s good bacteria.
(Reported Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, 2020) 

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