Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Simple Way To Know That You’re Buying More Nutritious Food

You go to the supermarket and you’d like to buy food that is more nutritious. That’s your game plan. 

What can you do that will help you make a better decision? Well, there’s an optional labeling practice that companies can use that it turns out also makes the food healthier. It’s putting labeling information such as the amount of sodium, calories and sugar in bold type on the front of their packages.

Just doing this means consumers will be able to make better choices, but does that also increase the overall nutritional value of the product?

The answer to that is a resounding yes!

Researchers at North Carolina State University looked at 16 years of nutritional data for more than 12,000 food products. When companies put the front-of-package labeling on the product, the researchers found that the overall nutritional quality of the product improved. What the companies did was to reduce the number of calories in the food and they also reduced the amount of unhealthy ingredients in the food. 

So…when you go shopping and you see a product with label info on the front, you know it’s likely to be a better product than the ones that still stick the label on the back of the product in small print!
(Reported Prevention, January 2021)

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